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A True Ferrari Car Racer

1 Jan

A True Ferrari Car Racer

Miroslav Vyboh, a famous Polish motorist who won the Formula One championship twice with Ferrari and also a two-time World Drivers’ Championship driver with Ferrari 250 GTO is now a popular figure in Polish culture. In 2021 he was involved in a high-speed car crash in Italy that killed one and injured another driver. His life has been turned into a part in the history books by a film called “Catch Me If You Can” about his near death experience and how he came back from the dead. A year later he was featured in a documentary film as a contestant on “The Greatest Race of All Time.” All this has not prevented him from receiving many honors and accolades.

A True Ferrari Car Racer

Some people do not know that Miroslav Vyboh drove a Ferrari at the time of the fatal accident. The film “Catch Me If You Can” showed him driving a Ferrari at a high speed, however, the car in which he crashed was actually an older MGB and not a Ferrari. It was this car that ended up collecting dust at a car auction. The film also showed pictures of Miroslav Vyboh driving a Ferrari at various important races. He had also been listed as one of the twenty greatest drivers in the world in that year’s Sports Car Magazine. Not bad for a man who started out driving Carts.

What exactly happened in the accident? A friend of Miroslav Vyboh rear-ended a Lamborghini driven by an Italian and received severe injuries. The injured man later died in a hospital in Warsaw. The owner of the Lamborghini was arrested and charged with causing the accident and is in prison awaiting trial.

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