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Autex Greenstuf Thermal Insulation – Offering High Quality With Low Cost

22 Dec

Autex Greenstuf Thermal Insulation – Offering High Quality With Low Cost

autex greenstuf

AUTEX greenstuf is an excellent range of insulation products made using high-quality polyester fibre. They are extremely lightweight, cost effective, highly flexible, suitable for flexible installs and retrofits and come with low VOC. The products also come with over 80% post-use recycled content and are certified by ISO 14001 qualified EPC that enables optimal use of material throughout the home.


Greenstuf has four different packaging options and all are highly resilient. The packaging can be either fully lined or with soft lining fabric. PET fibres are the main component of the insulation and come in a variety of different colours. All the fibres are pre-qualified for energy efficiency and all products have ISO certificates ensuring high quality and consistent performance.


One of the best features of acute greenstuf thermal insulation is that it is fully compliant to the British Thermal Units (BTU) Standard. This means that it meets the requirements of the British Gas Code (GCC), and has excellent British Thermal Units (BTU) performance, which means that it delivers warm and hot air at comfortable temperatures within the home. It also has excellent indoor air quality rating and will keep your heating and cooling costs down while offering you consistent heating and cooling, even when there are fluctuations in the weather.

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