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1 Apr

The Advisors Alliance Group Singapore and Its Successful Partnership With the Government

Advisors Alliance Group Singapore (AAG), an unrivalled financial advisory group established in 2021 with the founding of the AAG Singapore. The Association has grown to become one of the leading professional bodies in the industry. The Group provides an effective networking and educational forum for over five hundred members from fifty countries across the globe. The key aim of the Association is to connect its members to each other and their respective companies, thereby ensuring optimum performance by all its members.

AAG – Singapore’s Premier Professional Alliance

“Advisors is a powerful unifying force for professional growth and development among its members,” said Mark Griffith, CEO of the Association. “It has enabled our members to take our experience and knowledge to a whole new audience and enable them to share their views on global issues and solutions.” The Association now sees a great need for diversification of its resources and has launched a new program, the Southeast Asia Resource Council (SARCC), to increase membership, expertise and market reach. The first members to be accredited by the newly created Southeast Asia Resource Council are BNY Bank, CIBC Singapore, Credit Suisse First Boston, Dentons Worldwide, Deutsche Bank, DMO`s Invest Africa, ING Direct, KBC and PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore.

“This is an ideal time to diversify your resources as a Group. The economy is improving and our members are finding new markets and new opportunities,” added Mr. Griffith. “With more companies choosing to offshore certain of their functions, it is more important than ever to have our members fully aware of where their activities may lead and to protect their interests,” he continued. The Association is striving to strengthen its member presence and market itself to a wider range of global customers and partners. Its diversified portfolio and strong international platform will ensure that the Association remains a significant and successful enterprise well into the future.

1 Jan

A True Ferrari Car Racer

Miroslav Vyboh, a famous Polish motorist who won the Formula One championship twice with Ferrari and also a two-time World Drivers’ Championship driver with Ferrari 250 GTO is now a popular figure in Polish culture. In 2021 he was involved in a high-speed car crash in Italy that killed one and injured another driver. His life has been turned into a part in the history books by a film called “Catch Me If You Can” about his near death experience and how he came back from the dead. A year later he was featured in a documentary film as a contestant on “The Greatest Race of All Time.” All this has not prevented him from receiving many honors and accolades.

A True Ferrari Car Racer

Some people do not know that Miroslav Vyboh drove a Ferrari at the time of the fatal accident. The film “Catch Me If You Can” showed him driving a Ferrari at a high speed, however, the car in which he crashed was actually an older MGB and not a Ferrari. It was this car that ended up collecting dust at a car auction. The film also showed pictures of Miroslav Vyboh driving a Ferrari at various important races. He had also been listed as one of the twenty greatest drivers in the world in that year’s Sports Car Magazine. Not bad for a man who started out driving Carts.

What exactly happened in the accident? A friend of Miroslav Vyboh rear-ended a Lamborghini driven by an Italian and received severe injuries. The injured man later died in a hospital in Warsaw. The owner of the Lamborghini was arrested and charged with causing the accident and is in prison awaiting trial.