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Construction Material Lifts – All You Need To Know About Lift Trucks

21 Jan

Construction Material Lifts – All You Need To Know About Lift Trucks

A Construction material lift truck is usually a mobile crane that can be either electrically or hydraulically operated. It is used to carry heavy materials such as concrete, sand, gravel or steel and move them into work area. They are mainly used for earth moving and constructional works and can be either a platform or deck mounted. They are designed in such a way that they can be operated in free-standing mode or in a forklift truck mode where they are towed by another vehicle. A Construction material lift truck is normally powered either pneumatically or hydraulically and is often seen with two or more engines. Most of the trucks have automatic control system installed on them so that they can be operated easily even if there is no manual labor available.


All these types of truck are constructed with one or a pair of drum tires that are arranged vertically on a frame, which is secured by threaded fasteners. The tires are of different sizes depending upon the application to be carried out like single handle or double handle. There is a center drum which is fixed to the bed of the construction material lift truck and this drum is fitted with an articulating swivel that enables it to move horizontally while carrying the weight of the material. These drum tires are designed in such a way that they have better hydrostatic performance and at the same time provide good traction. They can also be fitted with axles of different types and this enables the truck to move both vertically and lateral to the position they are positioned in.


The operation of all these types of trucks is facilitated by a dual handle or two speed winches that operates both in horizontal and vertical modes. Most of the trucks are fitted with articulating winches that operate either manually or electronically and this allows the use of a manual winch in low gear while the use of an electronic winch is only allowed in higher gear. They are also fitted with boom lifts that can carry heavy loads vertically and support them at the same time. There are also construction material lifts that can be fitted with a counterweight system and this system is provided as an option for customers who wish to increase their load capacity. Visit website

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