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Micro SD Card – Memory for Your Mobile Phone

18 Dec

Micro SD Card – Memory for Your Mobile Phone

micro sd card

A microSD card with an ability of either 1.3 or 2.4 gigabytes (GiB), the smallest form of digital or memory cards, is a popular kind of digital memory card employed to store data. A microSD card can be used for digital camera capture, mobile phones, video games and other data storage needs. The microSD card is considered a universal serial bus (USB) media player that works in conjunction with the host computer. With the help of the SD card reader, data can be read from the microSD card. The microSD cards have several kinds including common, pro, international and UHS-I. There are other kinds of micro SD cards also that support different storage capacities and formats including CF and SDHC.

Micro SD Card – Memory for Your Mobile Phone

The UHS-I type is used for a micro SD card used in professional GPS devices. The primary purpose of this type of memory card is for mission-critical applications that require maximum accuracy and transfer speeds. Other types of micro SD cards that are gaining popularity include those for HD digital cameras, handheld and wristwatch cameras, digital picture frames and other memory cards. The UHS-I type memory card can also transfer digital photos and videos at high or medium speeds.

The most popular micro-SD cards for use in handheld and pocket digital cameras are the oneMate SDHC cards which support the majority of professional level imaging applications such as high definition (HD), standard definition (SD), camcorders, notebooks, netbooks and other portable devices. For high speed and reliable data transfer, the High Definition Converter (HDC) is a superior choice. Since the introduction of the UHS-I memory cards, there has been a complete shift from Compact Flash to micro SD. As the UHS-I memory cards are faster than the Compact Flash counterparts, they have been adopted for digital cameras as well as other portable devices.

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