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Mini Services

21 Dec

Mini Services

mini servicing

Mini-Servicing with Forshaw is the perfect way to take your vehicle in for routine maintenance. You can save money and still get high-quality service when you go this route. It’s the easiest way to go about keeping your vehicle in top shape without the added expense of a professional servicing business. Mini Servicing with Forshaw means that you get the same top-notch service for your vehicle as heading to your regular Mini dealer but from a fraction of their cost. Being an independent Mini specialist means giving you, the customer, a personal serviced service specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Mini Services

The key benefits to mini servicing costs being lower than going to a full-service Mini dealer are that you will be receiving professional advice and service, your vehicle will be taken through a thorough inspection to identify and repair any faults, and you will be treated to a one-off turbo charged engine on arrival so your engine is fresh when you arrive and ready to go. When visiting a dealership, your mechanic is unlikely to carry out this inspection, and will probably not have the knowledge and experience to identify any problems with your vehicle’s engine. This means that you may not get the recommended engine tune up or repair which can cost you extra. Your exhaust has a significant effect on the performance of your engine, and your exhaust must be inspected by a professional to ensure it is clean and running properly to maximise your fuel efficiency and performance.

The other benefits to servicing your vehicle at your home, rather than at a dealership, are that you will save money by avoiding unnecessary trips to a Mini dealer (which can be quite expensive depending on where you live), you will get personalized attention and service, and you won’t have to wait for a long time to complete a job as there is usually a turnaround time of just a few hours. It is worth remembering that in September, Mini dealers will put on sale nearly all of their vehicles, and you may find yourself unable to complete your desired oil change due to shortage of stock. When choosing to do your Mini oil change at home you will not be forced to compromise on the quality of workmanship as the work will be done in your driveway/down by the river.

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