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Review of Andrews Boots and Workwear

2 Jun

Review of Andrews Boots and Workwear

Andrews boots and workwear can be found in 2505 A Maccorkle Avenue in St Albans, West Virginia25177. The store is on the second floor of a building that contains many businesses including a restaurant, movie theater, spa, day care center and other attractions. There is also a large parking lot and you can access the store by either car or bus.

Why need Review of Andrews Boots and Workwear?

andrews boots

The history of Andrews boots can be traced back to 1825, when it started out as a lode mining business. They were one of the first shoe manufacturers in the United States and operated for two decades until they were bought by Wm Sholes and William J. Murray. Sholes and Murray sold the store to Harry Andrews and they operated it as a boot and shoe store for about four years. Harry continued to operate the store until his death in 1924. Wm Sholes took control of the company and continued to operate it until they sold it to Ralph Woolworth.

The Andrews Boot Company now has several stores in the United States, Canada and England. They have factories in Brazil and in Chile. The boots are made using the highest quality of material that is available. They are very sturdy and durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is important to check for quality before purchasing from any of the stores. Andrews boots are an excellent choice if you want to look and feel your best.

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