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The Process of Acquiring a Business Owner Visa Australia

25 Nov

The Process of Acquiring a Business Owner Visa Australia

It may surprise you that a business owner Visa Australia can be acquired in the event that you meet the criteria set forth by the Australian government. The government is working with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection to streamline the process for business owners Visa Australia. The reason this is happening is because the process to apply for an immigrant visa to Australia has been simplified as a direct result of the global economic recession. Business owners Visa Australia have been enjoying their time in Australia since its founding and is now benefiting from this relaxed process.

business owner visa australia

The Process of Acquiring a Business Owner Visa Australia

To acquire your business Visa Australia, it does require some research on your part to find out what kind of visa and work permit you may qualify for. One of the first things you will need to do is contact the Migration Review Agency. This agency handles all visa and work permit applications to the country. When you apply for your business Visa Australia, you may have to pay a fee to this agency. They will then determine the eligibility requirements you must meet before they can grant you the appropriate visa and/or work permit.


To get a Business Visa Australia, you may also have to prove you have been actively involved in the operation of your business for the last five years. This means your annual revenue must be at least $5000. You may also have to prove your business is in full operation. In addition to these criteria, you may also have to submit financial statements and a letter from your accountant. If you do not meet the qualifications set forth by the government, you may still obtain your Business Visa Australia. However, the approval process may take longer than normal.

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